Short Sleeved

It’s about 2:30 in the morning right now, and I’ve just finished reading a book called “Broken Angels”, by Richard Morgan. You are free to consider this an endorsement of his product, because I strongly endorse his product.

It is not quite, I think, as strong as “Altered Carbon” by the same author, but that’s because Altered Carbon is so dense with awesome that you should only handle it with awesome-resistant gloves. You should store it in an awesome-proof container, and you shouldn’t even look directly at it without awesome-polarized glass awesome-safety goggles.

It’s really awesome, is basically what I’m getting at here.


  1. Posted June 8, 2005 at 9:48 am | Permalink

    Market Forces (same author) is also enjoyable, although not nearly as enjoyable as Altered Carbon. There’s a new Takeshi Kovacs novel out now, IIRC. I must check it out.

    If you liked Altered Carbon, you’d probably also like Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (bonus: available free online!) which is similar, but as it’s Doctorow, it’s obviously a lot lighter fare and features a lot more prognosticating.

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    The new TK novel is called “Woken Furies”. I’ve got it sat on a shelf downstairs, but I’ve postponed reading it while I plough through the Hugo shortlist…

  3. Mike Hoye
    Posted June 9, 2005 at 6:08 pm | Permalink

    I have secured a copy of Woken Furies. More news as it is warranted.