Talk Radio

I accidentally listened to Lowell Green, a local AM Radio host, for a few minutes on the way into work today. Boy, what a mistake that was.

Green was talking about the recent “controversy” about our new Governor General, that she once might have been, gasp!, a separatist. His argument, such as it is, was awesome: “Constitutional scholars agree that you should not bar people from holding important public positions because of their political beliefs. Several scholars agree with this position. They’re dead wrong! I mean, come on!”

Not an exact quote, but not a misrepresentation. That was the substance of his argument: it is OK to bar people from with certain political beliefs from holding certain public offices because, I mean, come on.

I think I am actually stupider having listened to him than I was when I got into that cab.

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  1. John

    Oddly enough, that’s exactly the same argument Rush Limbaugh used to justify demanding that the cops break up a furry convention and arrest all the perverts in fursuits.

    And, really, it was CONVINCING, then.

  2. boy

    Ouch. The CBC strike has really started to hit me. I’ve started to have instances where I’ve been exposed to corporate radio, and frankly, I want it to stop.

    On a side note, isn’t taking a cab to work so very metropolitan?

  3. Mike Hoye

    I lose some of my metropolitain cred because the cab took me from the place where I dropped off the rented Econoline van to my place of employ. Neo-politain, possibly?

  4. Skwid

    Only if the van was pink, the cab white, and your place of employment brown.