January 7, 2006

Props ’05

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In the last year, I have had some pleasant interactions with some places, so I am going to do a little bit of advocacy here on their behalf.

  • Takaki Automotive

    After spending a lot of time and money getting screwed around by the idiots at the Bel-Air and Mendez Toyota dealerships, we finally took our ailing vehicle to the people at Takaki, who said “we think it will cost this much, and be ready by this time”, called me back later in the day and said “It will cost slightly less than that, and be done slightly earlier than that”. When I got there to pick up my car, they took my money, and I drove away in a fixed car, which is how I imagined that my transactions with the actual, “authorized” Toyota dealerships should have gone, but they were zero successes for two attempts at that, so screw them. If you have a problem with your car, take it to Takaki.

  • Northern Han

    On Shaver‘s recommendation, Arlene and I went to this restaurant (formerly known as Northern 2), and I later brought my visiting relatives there for a meal. It is not pretty on the inside, or the outside or that matter; it is a spare little hole-in-the-wall place that happens to serve some of the best dumplings around, at a cost that seems somehow unfair to the people running the place.

  • The Fresh Fruit Company

    In Old Ottawa South, on Bank street; if you’re buying produce around the center of Ottawa, this is the place. The fruits and vegetables are fresher, and last a lot longer, than anything we’ve been able to find at a major chain. It also doesn’t hurt that you’re likely to pay less than half what you’d pay at Loblaws, for the same things. That’s not “similar” or “comparable” products, mind you – that’s “$3 for a pineapple here, versus $6 there.”

  • Connie’s Custom Tailoring

    Located in Billing’s Bridge. I picked up a bunch of on-sale pants ($10 pants, score!), and brought them here to be hemmed, and the entire experience was brief and to the point, efficient without being impolite. What’s not to like?

I’ve dealt with some places this year where I will not go again, where the customer service was just mind-blowingly bad, something that never fails to surprise me when you consider how simple it is. The people working at these places I’ve mentioned here just get it. Dear Merchants, please take note: telling me “we will charge you $X for $Y”, and possibly “done by date $Z”, and then doing it well is just about all you need to do to make people like me happy.

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