It’s Done

For those of you who weren’t in on the joke, our recessional music was a song called “Overture” from the soundtrack of our favorite video game.

That’s merely a fraction of how awesome my wife is, incidentally.

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  1. Maggie


    Congratulations, Mike. I wish the both of you every happiness.

  2. Mike Hoye


  3. geofford

    Brilliant! Just brilliant. I’m still laughing. Congrats to the two of you and all the best for the future.

  4. Guillaume

    *Sniff* How touching, Katamari at a wedding. Did you roll around a ball of rice until it got bigger?

    In all seriousness though, congratulations are in order. Best wishes! Also, if I see a single post here during your honeymoon, I will DDoS the site.

  5. Mike Kozlowski

    “My love for you is larger than 300cm, and is mostly composed of… paper clips.”


  6. Anatole

    Congratulations, Mike (and Arlene!). :) All my best for a wonderfully happy and healthy life together.

  7. Mike Richters

    Congratulations! Arlene sure has a lot of cousins, doesn’t she?