July 4, 2006

A Long Drive

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Zeno’s Paradox suggests to us that in order for somebody to get their head all the way up their ass, they must first get it halfway in, and then half of the remaining distance, and half again. An infinite number of these halves exist, and so an infinite number of incremental steps must be taken; no man can thus have their head entirely up their ass, and yet as I drive down the 401, I see dozens of people so thoroughly craniorectally lodged that they could suck the nutrients out of their own kidneys. A paradox! How can this be?

This is not the only contradiction that confronts me; many, so many, people are in the “passing lane”, and no passing of any kind occurs? There is drifting, yes, but that is not passing. No passing, but in the passing lane: another curious conundrum, seemingly an insuperable contradiction. Again, a paradox!

While I am no great thinker, I am confident that when the art and science of philosophical inquiry has so far advanced that an answer to one of them is discovered, the world will immediately have the answer to the other.

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