September 28, 2006

Labour Exchange

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Ok, peoples; I realize it’s late, but here’s the call. I need to fill a moving truck this Saturday, and to accomplish that I need boots on the ground. U-haul being their usual extra-awesome, I don’t know exactly when I’m going to get the truck, but I’m wagering it’s going to be in the morning sometime. Arlene and I are moving our stuff, at long and precious last, to the dark wilds of Toronto.

So, let’s say you show up at ten-thirty or so in the morning this coming Saturday, at our humble but spacious isolated mountain fortress in Westboro, Ottawa, Canada.

Understand, I am speaking purely in the hypothetical, here, but:

If you were to do so, and provide my lovely wife and I with the climbing-up-and-down-stairs-carrying-stuff laboring that we are so deeply loathe to do by our ever-so-lonesomes, I will reward your generous efforts with the pizza and beer they so richly deserve.

That you, my friend, that you so richly deserve.

So anyway, yeah. 10:30 or so, Saturday morning, here. There’s a nontrivial possibility that there will be some hanging-around-shooting-the-breeze scheduled in there because as I mentioned it’s U-haul, and there’s just no telling with those guys, so there we are.

Your help would be appreciated, and I promise your afternoon nap will be a rich and pleasant one, with a belly full of beer and pizza and a spirit full of my thinking you’re awesome.

Inform me: by your comments, I will know!

International News Update

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In the past, the United States has been described as a nation of laws, not a nation of men.

That information has been superceded, and is no longer accurate. The United States is now merely a nation of men.

Thank you for your attention in this matter, please adjust your travel plans appropriately.

September 20, 2006

Extraordinary Rendition

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The Report of the Events Relating to Maher Arar is here.

Quoting from section 4.1:

  • The RCMP provided American authorities with information, including the entire database from the aforementioned terrorism investigation, in ways that did not comply with RCMP policies requiring screening for relevance, reliability and personal information. Some of the information related to Mr. Arar.
  • The RCMP provided American authorities with information about Mr. Arar that was inaccurate, portrayed him in an unfairly negative fashion and overstated his importance in the RCMP investigation.
  • The RCMP provided American authorities with information about Mr. Arar without attaching written caveats, as required by RCMP policy, thereby increasing the risk that the information would be used for purposes of which the RCMP would not approve, such as sending Mr. Arar to Syria.
  • The RCMP requested that American authorities place lookouts for Mr. Arar and his wife, Monia Mazigh, in U.S. Customs’ Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS). In the request, to which no caveats were attached, the RCMP described Mr. Arar and Dr, Mazigh as “Islamic Extremist individuals suspected of being linked to the Al Qaeda terrorist movement.”
  • The RCMP had no basis for this description, which had the potential to create serious consequences for Mr. Arar in light of American attitudes and practices at the time.
  • Project A-O Canada was the front-line investigative unit in the RCMP that conducted the investigation in which Mr. Arar was a person of interest, and it was that unit that provided information about Mr. Arar to American agencies. The RCMP, as an institution, gave Project A-O Canada unclear and, in some instances, misleading direction concerning the manner in which information should be shared, and failed to properly oversee the Project’s investigation, including its information-sharing practices.

I think somebody, possibly several somebodies, should be sent to prison for this.

September 19, 2006

Digital Privileges

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Mike Kozlowski calls it. From the EFF:

Microsoft’s Zune will not play protected Windows Media Audio and Video purchased or “rented” from Napster 2.0, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Unlimited, Movielink, Cinemanow, or any other online media service. That’s right – the media that Microsoft promised would Play For Sure doesn’t even play on Microsoft’s own device.

It’s long been known that you’re just a regular consumer DRM means you don’t really control your own computer. Turns out if you’re a large corporation, licensing DRM means you don’t really control your product line.

Random Technical Note

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The tar program, starting in Mac OS X 10.4, recognizes and handles resource forks and attributes.”

Examining the unsaid, it turns out that Apple’s Unixy command-line tools like tar, gzip and all of their friends don’t work properly on 10.3 and earlier. “Don’t work” here means “don’t include resource forks”, which means significant breakage.

So if you, and by “you” I mean “me”, should suddenly find out that all these Mac apps you’ve been deploying across your highly heterogeneous enterprise are showing up on people’s desktops as anonymous Unix applications, rather than Mac apps with Mac icons, and just generally not working at all for anyone even though the whole thing worked fine in the lab, dammit, that’s what’s going on.

Now you know!

September 8, 2006

Memo To Whitey

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God dammit.

Listen, people; you are far, far more likely to drown in the bathtub or die of a lighting strike than you are to die in terrorist-related anything. Especially in Canada. Fellow citizens, fellow white citizens especially, I very much need you to not soil yourselves in snivelling, petulant fear whenever somebody with brown skin checks his watch.

I ask this of you this partly because I don’t want to live in a country full of bigots, but mostly because I don’t want to live in a country full of cowards.

So, because I asked nicely, stop living in fear. The world is not limited to the things that sheltered, narrow suburbanites are comfortable with. Roll with it.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

September 7, 2006

Doctor Chan Doles Out The Harshness

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In my inbox:

Quoting Mike Hoye <>:

> I need a big beanbag chair.

Why? And no.



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