October 20, 2006

The Happiest Lank In The World

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“It is the artist who is truthful and the camera that lies, because a photograph is a mechanical representation frozen in time. The photograph is false because in reality time does not stop. If the artist can succeed in representing the fluidity of motion in a painting, the work is much more original than the scientific image in which time is abruptly suspended.” – Auguste Rodin

I am going to tell you a story based entirely on pictures now, and thus made entirely of lies. Forgive me; beauty is truth, yes, and some moments demand poetry, but I am a far better liar than a poet, and even my flimsiest lies are more honest than any poem I have in me.

I call it “Geofford: The Happiest Lank In All The World”.

As many of you know, my good friend Geofford Seaborn was married just recently, and I will sum up the epic saga of the entire affaire as follows: he is now married, to a very lovely woman named Julie now-also-Seaborn. The funny thing is that the day beforehand, he had no idea what was going on until we gave him a coffee and told him he was, dude, getting married!.

That got his attention right quick.

So we had a celebratory meal, which was good, and people said some things, and some of those things brought out Happy Geoff, and other things brought out Angry Geoff, and the whole night was like that, some kind of Lanky Mood Roulette.

Entirely understandable, given the various disreputables involved, but in truth the real problem Geofford’s always had is not looking like he’s up to something. Well, that and finding a tuxedo jacket that will go all the way down his arms, but modern formalwear science has apparently made significant progress in recent years.

I’ll spare you the details but in the end, Geoff gets the girl and, as these things occasionally do, it wound up being a beautiful evening.

So we wrap up our saga with wishes of good health and best wishes to the lovely couple, who seemed both intact and happy the next day.

Good luck, both of you, and believe me when I say that these are the only photos I took that came out OK.

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