October 26, 2006

They Said My Methods Were Unsound

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Following up my previous entry, I have decided to employ the phrase “That’s what makes me dangerous, baby” at every available opportunity from now on.

Now, because I am a scientist, I have a theory: my theory is that doing so will be awesome. And because I am a scientist with a theory, I will be testing my theory as soon as I get home tonight. I will test it in casual conversation with my wife, and then we will see just how awesome it gets.

For it to truly be considered scientific, I will also need a way to measure my results, so tonight I plan pioneering work in the measurement of awesome.

I will call it “awesometrics”.

How does this measure up, people of the future will ask themselves, awesometrically? Is it perhaps a .47 on the Hoye Scale? This is clearly how the people of the future will evaluate the pressing questions of the day. With the help of the Hoye Scale, and fractional values of awesome.

I think we all know what that will be like.

I am a little concerned about how my wife will react to her new employ as my scientific apparatus, but these are the risks that we must undergo in the pursuit of Raw Unfettered Scientific Knowledge. Especially the Raw Unfettered Scientific Knowledge Of Awesomeness. And in truth, a lot of people just don’t have the guts, the unflinching courage of their awesome convictions, to go through with an experiment like this.

But I do. That’s what makes me dangerous, baby.

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  1. Finally, a scientific journal I might read!

    Comment by kev — October 26, 2006 @ 11:49 pm

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