October 12, 2006


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It’s snowing outside my building.

What the hell?

An Extended Metaphor Rife With Awkward Phraseology

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To fully immerse yourself in the current narrative of North American media, to get nice and relaxed and let the hooks really sink in, you need to understand the Clinton Singularity. It works like this:

  • The end of Bill Clinton’s term in office represents the single original point-mass that has exploded into the current global political situation.
  • Nothing that came before that is worth considering, or even remembering, and
  • Everything that has happened afterwards is his fault.

All other national agencies, world powers and individuals who may have seemed to be decision-makers or global actors in the intervening period have actually had no more agency than a simple animatronic puppet, and are thus powerless and blameless. Trying to claim that anyone that’s been elected or indeed made any decisions whatsoever since then should be held to account for those decisions is just foolishness brought on by a failure to fully absorb and understand the Clinton Singularity.

October 7, 2006

There Will Be No Serenity Sequel

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People, despite your best wishes, there will be no sequel to Serenity. I know you want one, but it won’t happen. It can’t happen, and I knew that before I left the theater. It’s got nothing to do with money or fan support. It’s got everything to do with the last half hour of the film.

As is often true in science fiction, there’s a character in the Firefly universe who represents the author’s voice. Who is it, you might ask? Let’s review, and I assure you this list is nowhere near exhaustive: which character

  • looked sort of like the author?
  • consistently had something funny or clever to say?
  • was piloting the ship?

That’s right: Wash.

Who was suddenly and unceremoniously killed off before the end of the first Serenity movie. Sort of the way the television show was suddenly and unceremoniously cancelled before the end of its first season.

You’ve got to have the right ears to hear it but the sudden silencing of the author’s voice is a powerful signal, and definitely not something that a writer like Whedon would use blindly or casually.

There’s not going to be another Serenity, and while that makes me sad, it’s also clearly a done deal.

October 6, 2006

A Mental Exercise

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Ok, music fans, I’ve got a treat for you. Especially for all you Sisters Of Mercy fans out there.

  1. Acquire, in the usual manner, and listen to the Sisters Of Mercy’s “Temple Of Love”.
  2. Acquire, again in the usual manner, and listen to Wierd Al Yankovic’s “Dare To Be Stupid.” Listen to it more than once.
  3. Try listening to Temple Of Love again.

From this moment forward, you will not be able to hear Temple Of Love without hearing Dare To Be Stupid playing in the background. And, being a seasoned veteran of both love and stupidity, I submit to you that this is as it should be.

A Biscuit

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I’ve been horrifically busy, Internet, and I’ll admit I’ve been neglecting you. You’ve been a good Internet lately, though, and you deserve a special treat.

There you go, Internet. Don’t say I never do nice things for you.

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