Incidental Contact

I should preface this by saying that along every axis but a very few, I like my job quite a bit.

So, I got to my desk this morning, and find that my laptop, which I had forgotten to lock up, is now missing. This is super-irritating, but not in the least worrying – this has happened before, and it’s always one of my coworkers trying to make a point about “security”. My reply to that consists mainly of a request for offices with lockable doors and filing cabinets you can’t open with a fucking popsicle stick and doesn’t seem to be getting much traction.

But since it’s the company’s laptop and the company’s time, whatever. I go to work on my desktop and drop it. And lo and behold, midway through the morning I am asked by somebody nearby “so, what is a laptop like that worth, anyway?”

“Nowhere near as much as my time and goodwill.”


So, I walked down the hall to get a coffee, and when I got back, there it was. It was like my own little christmas miracle.

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  1. Guillaume

    I wish I could inspire fear as easily and effectively as you.

  2. Mike Hoye

    Not me. I’m a kitten.

  3. Sean Ross

    A kitten with nasty, big, pointy teeth.

  4. Mike Hoye

    Isn’t that how they described the killer rabbit?

  5. Sean Ross

    Indeed. You, sir, are the vorpal kitty.