December 10, 2006

Les Blue Guys

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Scoring Alex’s spare ticket last night, I got to see the Blue Man Group for the first time. I’m a long-time fan of their music, but that’s all – ’til now, I’ve never seen any part of their live show.

And, boy, you’ve really got to see their live show, because it will latch onto your neck with a mechanical claw and bob your head up and down to the beat. They’re only going to be playing in Toronto until the 7th of January, and I’m definitely going to see them again. They generate far more awesome than my tiny sloping cranium can process all at once.

If you happen to like the head-nodding techno music, and please be advised, Ben, Mehmet, Geofford, Kotlarewsky et al, that I am looking directly at you when I say this, you absolutely have to see this show.

Thank you, Alex!

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