blarg to be breaking soon, reworked and reprettied.

Those of you who dislike green-on-black are welcome to say so.

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  1. Mike Kozlowski

    I just say, if you’re going green on black, go with a monospace font for the full “Hercules Graphics” look.

  2. Mike Beltzner

    Green on black is OK, but not *this* bright a green. Dowatchalike. :)

  3. Quotation

    Ooo, you gonna add me on myspace?

  4. me

    I do indeed dislike green on black.

  5. me

    I do indeed dislike green on black.

  6. me

    I do indeed dislike green on black.

  7. Anatole

    I can’t say I’m a big fan of the green on black, no.

    Hope you’re not broken for long, though, because the content is swell.

  8. Decafeinnated Nerd

    I like the green on black. I edit and all of my terminals to have said style. its easier on the eyes.

    with all the obvious IMHO, and YMMV flair.

  9. Corey

    I appear to be in the minority who *like* the green-on-black. *shrug*

  10. Skwid

    I’m a fan of the green-on-black, although I can’t say I feel as strongly about it as some of its opponents clearly do.

  11. Guillaume

    Green on black is cool, but look at all the new Web 2.0 stuff. Don’t you want to be just like them? With their AJAX, and flash, and social watchamajiggers.

    Seriously, green on black is fine. Just don’t switch to wordpress, it’s prone to breaking under moderate load.