Only slightly changed, but a few other color schemes and a color-scheme switcher are en-route, for those of you who like their text in pedestrian dark-text-on-light-background. Comments are solicited.

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  1. Mike Kozlowski

    AAAGH! There’s a scary man in the corner of the page glaring at me! Make him stop! I’ll behave! I promise!

  2. Mike Beltzner

    Full content (instead of excerpt-only) in RSS? Pretty-extra-please?

  3. Gnomon

    No offense intended, but I typically Greasemonkey out everything that isn’t the main content bar on the sites that I visit anyhow.

    But I’m sure you guessed that already.

    But for what it’s worth, the new site design is nice. I think I slightly preferred the old one, but that’s probably an excellent point in favour of the modernity and usability of the new one.

  4. Quotation

    I’m going to start my stopwatch when I click submit, and I’m going to judge you solely on that basis.

  5. Quotation

    That was 93 seconds of suck.

  6. Mike Hoye

    93 seconds? Really?

  7. Mike Hoye

    Ok, let me see about that.

  8. Quotation

    Really! It was faster than usual!

    o.b. full RSS feed == yay!

    But why, when I hit tab while in this comment box, does the focus move to the top of the page instead of to the preview or post buttons?

  9. Mike Richters

    More padding for text on the sides of the main section would be nice. It’s harder to text that runs right up to the border than if it has ten pixels or so of padding.

  10. Melanie

    Generally an improvement, but the “blarg?” in the center is a bit distracting.

  11. Mike Richters

    s/harder to text/harder to read text/

  12. Mike Bruce

    It looks much nicer.

  13. Colin Richards

    Nice! Improved. Cleaner feeling. Like the blarg? under the top post. Can you make your eyeballs follow my cursor though, that would be really, like, neato.