A Grim Menagerie Of Creeping Horrors

So, Rob brought the Alanis cover of “My Humps” to my attention, which I’m told is awesome, but I had to listen to her sing the national anthem daily for about half of high school, a wildly successful bit of aversion therapy that makes me bleed liberally from my eyes and ears at the sound of her voice.

I attempted retort with this slightly altered 300 trailer. Soon after that, Kev raised the bar with this fantastically retrowierd video of some Finnish dude teaching people how to dance the disco.

So that’s it, I thought, that’s the last word on the subject. I cannot top that.

But then Sean came through with this video, which is the kind of horrific, crawling awesome that there’s not even a single human word for yet, and if I don’t administer myself some emergency doses of thrash metal soon to counteract it, my brain is going to implode.


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    Sorry, that should have embedded: http://www.youtube.com/v/uLQRv0RjBBM

  3. tothepain
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    Fighting evil by moonlight winning love by daylight

  4. toinfinity
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  5. lostintranslation
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    Not for love or rockets