May 16, 2007

All Hands On Deck – Updated

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Ok, the beachhead is secure.

If you’re interested in helping us move, we’d be grateful for your company. How grateful, you ask? Beer-and-pizza grateful, that how!

We’re going to get this ball rolling at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon May 19th, starting here just around back of the corner of Queen and Greenwood, right behind a place called “The Film Buff”. We’re in the “rear unit” of the place, so you’ve got to drive about twenty yards north on Greenwood and then around to the lane behind the storefront. Parking can be a little dicey, but if you drive in around back you’ll probably find a place to lay up. We won’t be there long anyway!

We’re going to ferrying back and forth between there and the new place, a cold and windburned fortress crouched dark and ponderous upon its craggy summit all of about twelve blocks away. It won’t look cold, windburned or craggy at first, you understand; it’s one of those Magic Eye things – you just have to stare at it until your eyes unfocus, and after a while you’ll feel cold, craggy and windburned. For fullest effect, you should start staring at about two in the afternoon; by about three in the morning, the whole “cold and craggy” thing, well, it’ll really jump out at you.

So while that one lonely, haggard wierdo is standing across the street, swaying back and forth with determinedly unfocussed eyes, the rest of us will be inside, noisily consummating the aforementioned labor-for-pizza-and-beer agreement and, one presumes, totally screwing up our haggard wierdo’s focal depth.

So all hands on deck, party people. If this is anything like our previous moves, it will involve a lot of people, a generous helping of dinner-thanks and a shockingly nominal amount of actual effort. But this will be our last move for the foreseeable future and as such is not to be missed; you should consider the return on your investment investment of effort here to be totally worth your while. Tell me you’re coming, however you like; I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Update: It has come to my attention that I’ve once again scheduled a move during a Senators playoff game. You should all know that I feel very bad about that.

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  1. Thanks for a fun Saturday! Your house is really nice and it was a pleasure “helping” the two of you move into your place. I’m just glad that we got the tv working :)

    Comment by Julie — May 22, 2007 @ 8:25 pm

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