A Demand

I will be requiring novel stimulus now. URL me, world.

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  1. Gottfried Leibnitz

    …and speaking of dogs:

    Is Marmaduke circulated in Canada?

  2. Alex

    A crapload of concert posters for the looking at.

  3. Mike Hoye

    Sorry, I had to cut that first comment. My parents read this, and just in case it might not be totally, blindingly obvious, by “novel” I don’t mean “pictures of somebody putting their junk in the service end of a dog”.

  4. Bill S Preston

    guitar hero, hero

    (queen… of the damned!)

    my vote for best chase scene

    I need coffee

    as played by fozzy the bear

  5. John

    If that’s not novel to you, I don’t think we can be friends.

  6. Mike Hoye

    Let’s just say that that particular novelty has worn off.