Violating An AUP For Dummies

I had a big rant going here, but it’s not worth it. Here’s the short version.

The Wall Street Journal has an article up called “Ten Things Your IT Department Won’t Tell You”. It’s got things in it like “how to send huge files” and “how to cover your tracks”, a bunch of other stuff.

Their advice is pervasively, comprehensively wrong. If I wanted to bait someone into something I could fire them for doing, I’d send them that article. If you take any of it to heart you’ll probably lose your job.

Thank you for your attention in this matter, please go about your business.

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  1. Anne

    Oh, my god, if any of our executives do that to their blackberry I will hunt that reporter DOWN.

  2. Mike Hoye

    Seriously. Some of it’s grounds for dismissal on pure too-stupid-to-touch-the-corporate-network grounds.

  3. Quotation

    Wow. Not *one* of those tricks works for me on my company network.

    I’m not completely without tricks, but at least my admins aren’t THAT stupid.

    Oh, and Anne — it’s possible to flash crackberries with a hardened OS to assuade your fears. . . .

  4. Mike Kozlowski

    If Alt-Tab doesn’t work, you’ve got some serious issues…

  5. Mike Hoye

    If Alt-tab fools your boss into thinking you’re working, your whole org has issues.