Staring At The Ceiling

I had a good trip to a cottage, and had a good time with my friends, I had a good drive back and I had a good full day of painting and house-labor afterwards.

If somebody can tell me why I can’t seem to get more than an two hours of sporadic sleep a night out of any of that, I’d appreciate it.

Though in truth, I’ve got a pretty good guess.

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  1. Quotation


    Lrn 2 speel. kthx.

  2. Chris R

    Guilt for a lifetime of sin?

    Darcy, while pregnant and consequently unable to sleep, made a list of all of the world’s problems and how to solve them.

    When I can’t sleep, it’s because I’m trying to decide which of,,20044270_20044274_20048517,00.html and are more accurate and true.

    Choose your poison.

  3. Mike Hoye

    That’s part of it, yeah!

  4. Mike Hoye

    “Nothing makes one so vain as being told that one is a sinner.” -Oscar Wilde