Shaver seems to have caused some confusion, which (while I don’t claim to be speaking on anyone’s behalf, here) I think it’s worth clearing up.

It’s important to remember, I think, that when somebody in an organization expresses their enthusiasm for, and confidence in, their processes, that the manner and degree of their expression becomes an integral part of their company’s official policy on the matter. For example, when Steve Ballmer throws a chair and says that he is going to “fucking kill” Google, that’s not just a throwaway comment, made perhaps in the heat of the moment – it is in fact now official Microsoft corporate policy to have Google employees sexually assaulted and subsequently killed with office furniture whenever their paths might cross.

You can understand why they would prefer that not be widely publicized, but it is nevertheless literally, precisely the case.


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    Tell me about the blackout of ’03, Mr. Hoye!

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    Shaver’s at Mozilla now? And a director, too. Nice.

    (No, I really haven’t kept track. It’s been decades. As in, more than one.)