Monthly Archives: September 2007

Maybe Next Year

I bought a very nice new monitor, brought it home, plugged it in and was immediately reminded that I was using Linux. I was reminded good and hard, too. Right in my reminder-hole. People who say, as they have every year since 1997 to my personal recollection, that this is going to be the Year […]

A Disabusal

The heretic is burned; he is lashed his pyre by those who are told he is certainly wrong, on the orders of those who know the real threat, that he might be right. Welcome to the internets. Your sign, let me show you it. Maybe I’m just hanging out in the wrong circles here, but […]

A Tree Broke My Internets (updated)

…and my garage. I’ll have pictures up later, but for now if you need to speak to me you should use my cell. I have no internets and no landline because a tree has fallen through my wires on the way to and through my garage. I’m poaching wireless right now, and it probably won’t […]

Summertime, And The Livin’ Is Easy

My wife bought me one of these the other day. It’s the only Williams-Sonoma thing in the house, but I feel like I’ve crossed some invisible but forbidden line. I guess I’ve lost any plausible deniability I might have had on the question of whether I’m some kind of yuppie scum, but there’s no sense […]


I should tell you about a very good experience I’ve just had with an extraordinarily useful web service. Fog Creek’s Copilot is a fantastic little tool. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “you know, not having to talk my parents through the dozens of dialogs I need to look at to fix their email problems […]

A Public Service Announcement

This is a public service announcement, and it’s a little long, but if your PC is getting all sluggish on you it might help. If it’s not, come back tomorrow. So: One of our developers just called me. He says he “deleted a bunch of stuff”, because his “computer was working slow”. And now his […]


Like a complete fool, I took no “before” pictures, but imagine if you would that everything I show you from here on in was at one point a dirty mustard yellow. You might want to leave this as a strictly mental exercise but start, in your mind, with a bottle of a standard American table […]

War Crimes

Getting Rogered