Monthly Archives: October 2007

Los Advocados

Here’s my presentation. It’s in an .ogg format, so if you’re having problems seeing it you should probably get yourself the VLC media player. Reviewing it, I see that in my attempt to avoid making clicking noises when I pause my speech, instead I say “uh” a lot. I will remedy this in the future, […]

Multiaxial Win

Moving from the specific to the general, I am both allergic to cats and habitually view cat owners with what is, in my case quite demonstrably, a healthy degree of suspicion. The previous owners of my house had cats, horrible taste and questionable sanitational habits, which has both conviently reinforced my prior beliefs and required […]

“How To Be A”

So, while I was looking for some information about how to batch up a process here, the Google search bar in Firefox suggested, when I got to the “b” in “how to batch…” that what I was really looking for was “how to be happy”. Aren’t we all! But when I typed that in instead, […]

An Infestation

Today’s efforts to make my day just a little bit wierder than it needed to be have been brought about by the infestation of ladybugs in office men’s room. In truth if you put me on the spot and forced me to choose a particular bug to infest washrooms nearby, that would probably be the […]

Carbon Paper

I’m not a libertarian, because libertarians are crazy people, but I’m just a teensy bit more sympathetic to their position right now. So, a tree fell on my garage, and I need permission from City Hall to rebuild it, which is a little irritating, but not unreasonable. But when I got there to find out […]

October Is The New December

October is apparently the month of coveting. I covet many things this month. I have acquired one of them, and it has made me happy. A modest man would rest there content, but I am not so modest and this success has done nothing so much as whet my greed to keenest edge. The problem […]

Burst Mix Proposition

Once upon a time there were “mix tapes”, and then there were CDs, and shortly after that nobody cared about that stuff anymore because you might as well be learning how to tan pelts, trap marmots or chip yourself a flint arrowhead. They were fun to make, though. If you were of the right age […]

Symposia Robusta

I’m going to give a talk in a few weeks, at Seneca College’s Free Software and Open Source Symposium. I’ve got it on good authority that it’s supposed to be a PG-rated thing, and that I should substitute a measure of decorum in place of my usual frothing lunacy. With that in mind, I plan […]

Nuit Plat

Torontonians: I’m not the only person out there who thought Nuit Blanche was pretty boring and a little saddening, am I? Furriners: “Nuit Blanche” is Toronto’s take on Paris’ Nuits Blanches, a much-imitated overnight public-spaces art and culture festival that the French started in Paris in 2002. Apparently in Paris it’s fantastic, miraculously great. Here, […]