October 12, 2007

Burst Mix Proposition

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Once upon a time there were “mix tapes”, and then there were CDs, and shortly after that nobody cared about that stuff anymore because you might as well be learning how to tan pelts, trap marmots or chip yourself a flint arrowhead. They were fun to make, though. If you were of the right age and the right young-geek frame of mind, juggling song lengths against thematic content, target audience and what were, by modern standards, ridiculous technical restrictions turned the whole thing into a fantastically nerdy exercise. Writing a love letter and solving the knapsack problem! What could be better?

Then, you (and by you, I mean “me”) grow up a bit, and maybe it dawns on you that doing the same thing with text instead of music would give you a document that read like a love letter and looked like a ransom note. But you have no shame, and press forward, because that’s just how you, and we’re still talking about me here, roll.

I’ve got a bunch of music here that I think you should hear, so I’ve started making short four-song compilations and mailing them to people. If you’re interested in hearing these love-letter/ransom-note things, comment or mail me and I’ll add you to the list.

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