October 12, 2007

October Is The New December

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October is apparently the month of coveting. I covet many things this month. I have acquired one of them, and it has made me happy. A modest man would rest there content, but I am not so modest and this success has done nothing so much as whet my greed to keenest edge.

The problem is that many of the things I covet are either not buyable in North America or not buyable anywhere yet. Yet! Which makes me sad, but when you want magical future technology, sometimes it just stays magical future technology.

I have the wantlust for the following things:

  • An EeePC, an ultraportable little PC that’s only got a 7″ screen, four gigs of drive and one gig of RAM, but in exchange for that you get a computer that weighs less than a pound, has no moving parts and costs about $250. Runs linux, has a four to six hour battery life and a tiny little wall-socket charger, and is expected by the end of October? Maybe? Possibly?
  • An OpenMoko phone. Not quite as pretty as an iPhone, but at least I’d own it outright, and don’t have to get involved in a running firefight with the manufacturer if I decide I want to edit a calendar entry or change a font. Except their release date is this month sometime, and the posts to their developer’s blogs have the smell of slippage to them…
  • A Hanlin v3 ebook reader. This is one of a set of new portable electronic-ink displays that are legible in bright sunlight, totally portable, and (unlike their Sony counterparts) totally open to being used however you like; you don’t need to screw around with proprietary Sony-only file or datastick formats, you can use whatever you want, whenever you want. Except that they want me to do a bank transfer to buy one of them. What? Er, no thank you. If any of my readers should find themselves in the Nankai district of Tianjin, China, or somewhere else that sells them, grab two for me!

You might be detecting a theme, there. Let me break it up by telling you that the one thing I have succeeded in obtaining is the new Zelda game for the DS, The Phantom Hourglass. It is, so far, fantastic; genuinely challenging, good fun to play and (even though the graphics are a little rough around the edges, I guess because antialiasing is expensive) cartoonishly pretty, in that particularly Nintendo-ey, classic-gaming way. If you’re inclined towards that sort of thing, I strongly recommend you pick up a copy.


  1. Those new displays on the ebook reader looks cool. I don’t want a dedicated reader–I use my Palm TX–but I do want a PDA with one of those displays.

    Comment by Kate Nepveu — October 13, 2007 @ 12:10 pm

  2. Yeah, e-paper is supercool. And the really great thing about them is that battery life is measured in page-turns, not time-of-use. I’m not sure why they’re not trivially available in North America yet, but they’re (like the eeepc) threatening to creep toward a somewhat-magical $200 level that makes them almost disposable technology.

    Comment by Mike Hoye — October 15, 2007 @ 10:49 am

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