Monthly Archives: November 2007

Cascading Hardware Failure

So, we’ve got these two clustered Oracle servers, right? And since they’re running Oracle, they must be for something big and expensive, so we’ve got to test them with our application to make sure that if some part of them fails, that our applications either handle that nicely or die as quickly and cleanly as […]

Globalize Me

So, just days after I heard from person at an anonymous major canadian telco that they’re deliberately dropping modem-over-cellphone calls because that might give consumers a way around their ridiculous data-rate fees, Bell (to presumably preempt Rogers’ impending iPhone news) releases a $7 unlimited data plan that is: Only available non-transferably on only the HTC […]

Apropos Of Certainly Nothing And Nobody Specific

Here’s some trivia for you: it turns out “best effort” and “best practices” aren’t the same thing at all. Not even a little. How about that!

Get Your Tikk On

If you, like me, have been to a few restaurants in your life that have quite nice decor, exorbitant price tags and profoundly mediocre food (Canoe, I’m looking directly at you) and you’ve had quite enough of that particular brand of pretentious bullshit, then have I got a treat for you. Specifically, I have got […]

Urban Mythology

I was travelling around in the Montreal Metro last night, just an hour or two after I first saw Terminus. A great, surreal experience, that was. Le Metro here is a lot more interesting than Toronto’s subway system, a terrific place for retro gawking; built between the late sixties and early eighties it’s designed in […]

Thoroughly Mediated

Despite my gripes about Montreal’s increasingly-jittery infrastructure I should tell you that I like the city quite a bit. I wandered around last night in the Quartier Latin, skipping out on the apparently B-for-Beowulf to lope about the streets in a manner that would appear random, to those not seasoned veterans of what is sometimes […]

Bon Voyage

I’m in Montreal for the next two weeks, working away. Not a lot of late nights at the office ahead of me, I think – they lock the place up tight at six – so I might get some walking-around-the-city in evenings, once I can figure out how to get somewhere interesting from the airport. […]

Sleeper Service

This sort of violates an important blogging rule, but it’s all about unconsciousness, so I’m hoping that the concerned party will let it slide. An odd thing: just to try them out, two weeks ago we picked up some “memory foam” pillows. We needed to replace our old ones as you periodically do, they were […]

Even September Ended Once

“It took me half a lifetime to invent it. I’m sure you’ve discovered my deep and abiding interest in pain. At present I’m writing the definitive work on the subject. So I want you to be totally honest with me on how The Machine makes you feel.” – Count Rugen, “The Princess Bride” So that […]

Retrofuture Iconography

So, somewhat inspired by this, I borrowed a level map from here and this picture (and the sun sprite from here) to make this picture. My home desktop is two adjacent 1680×1050 screens, if you’re wondering about the dimensions. Incidentally, Super Mario Brothers (the low-fidelity video-game bit at the bottom, there) was released in North […]