December 12, 2007

Absent Due To Illness

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I’m fighting a cold right now, and with the cough getting worse and my washing down codeine pills with cough syrup and vodka, “escalation” seems to be the word of the day. I’m not sure how I should feel about that, but my limbic system isn’t responding to hails right now, and I am a smooth stone in a warm pool of psychopath calm.

What better time for wrapping Christmas presents, I say, than right now!

I’ll be moving to a new host in a day or two so, I dunno, brace yourselves or hold on to something, or whatever. The next post to this site will be the last one, we appreciate your patronage, please consider trying our new product, etcetera.

December 7, 2007

Go Back To Your Something

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Two-thirds of my office’s IT department, which is to say “everyone who’s not me”, are recent immigrants to Canada – skilled, fluent in the language, but only living in Toronto for a couple of months now.

They’re good, smart people both, but culture shock is culture shock, so I try to answer questions sensibly as they come up. They’re often interesting, in that challenging-assumptions way that foreigner’s questions can be, and over the course of a conversation about Toronto, Canada, immigrants and minorities, I observed that even though Canada (in and around the major cities, at least) is a pretty tolerant and pluralist society, that racism is still an ongoing problem. “You know, ‘go back to your country’, that sort of thing.”

A few hours later, when I asked him a question about something, he said “I don’t know. I don’t care. Go back to your country.”

So now some variant of the the phrase “I don’t care, go back to your country” is the department standard coworker dismissal. I don’t care, go back to your office. I don’t speak Excel, go back to your spreadsheet. Pass the salt? I don’t care, go back to your sandwich.

I don’t think I’ve made the world a better place here. But it’s hard to tell.

December 4, 2007

God, I Hate Oracle Products

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So, yeah, about our Oracle cluster going a lovely 0x0000FFFF shade of blue:

Subject: Why do we get a Blue Screen Caused By orafencedrv.sys
Doc ID: Note:337784


When running Oracle 10g RAC/CRS on Windows, the Oracle CSService is SUPPOSED to reboot the OS if it detects a problem in the clusterware.The result of a CSS daemon rebooting the node will be that a bluescreen will occur.

The failure is as per design. Anytime that the Oracle CSService process fails, it is designed to cause the machine to reboot it does this by means of an IOCTL to the IOFENCE driver, this is a kernel driver which gets a fault. And for windows this is an unhandled exception that will cause the blue screen.

Not “kill the service”, or anything sissy like that. Hard-stop the entire machine (after, I note, a brief timeout, for anyone going to make a related argument…) by segfaulting a driver that they’ve apparently written for the sole purpose of sitting in ring zero and misbehaving.

Anything else running on that machine? Any possible side effects to randomly hard-failing a server? Who cares? *klonk*

You guys suck so much.

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