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I’ve Got The Soul Of Wit, And I’m Superbad

To: Team Members Who All (ALL) Dropped The Course Without Telling Me Date: Day Of The Team Presentation Re: Your Contributions To The Presentation Fuck all of you. -mhoye “Grammar has displaced sex as a locus of shame. Discuss.” – Ellen Fremedon

Advice For The Comic Book Lover

A while ago, I wrote about this, saying that “soon, I will be invincible!” There is now a book in the world called “Soon I Will Be Invincible”, and it is so great. If you have a single comic-book-loving cell in your body, I strongly advise you to pick this book up immediately. It is […]

The Horror, The Horror (rev 1.1)

beep, boop, beep… ring… ring…. “Hi, you’ve reached Mike Beltzner, I probably didn’t get my phone out of my pocket in time, so leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Thanks.” “Hi, Mike Hoye speaking. Listen, I’m in a UI-design seminar here… we’re taking a break, and… there was a guy in there […]

Death Spiral

There’s a thing that can happen to private group health-care plans in the States that’s called an adverse-selection death spiral. Basically, people go to insurance company Foocorp and then get very sick. If Foocorp can’t quite cover the cost of treating their clients, maybe without hurting their stock value, then they raise the rates. Which […]

A Strong Candidate

At the moment, my current candidate for “best idea ever” is this: “The Singularity Wars Preenactment Society.” Organized, obviously, by the Society for Creative Prosochronism. Where we’re going, we’re going to pretend not to need roads.

Guess Who’s Back

So, here we are. Hope you like the look of it, please update your bookmarks accordingly. I had an OK christmas holiday. It was good to see everyone! Lots of people have kids, now, and it made me a little sad when nobody took my proposal to hook a bunch of them together to make […]