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Apropos of nothing in particular, here’s a line that came up in casual conversation which inadvertently-but-I-am-nevertheless-OK-with-that made the person doing the quoting look like a bit of a imbecile. Be warned, people: if you treat glib quotables like some sort of intellectual highlight reel, these pratfalls are inevitable. Throwing around clever quotes about stuff you […]

Up Against The Wall, You.

The other day the Globe & Mail had an article in it about how the market for Canadian painters was still dominated by the Group Of Seven, how their works were skewing the marketplace and how the “discerning buyer” didn’t really need to buy into that, and could find “bargains” for “as little as $60,000”. […]

Sort By Relevance

If you’re wondering where Canada stands on the world stage vis-a-vis technology, please note that there are Google street-view maps of Preston Memorial Park Cemetery in Juneau, Alaska, but none anywhere in Canada.

Dear Immigrants, Redux

A while ago I wrote a note to people immigrating to Canada outlining the seasonal situation here in our chilly northern clime. I have here an important addendum to that information concerning a risk that I feel you should be aware of. While I advised you to acquire a heavy jacket for the colder parts […]

“World Championship”

One of the things used to like about Reseau Des Sports, the French TSN (or the French-Canadian ESPN, to my American readers. “Le Ocho”, you might say) was that unlike TSN, you would occasionally see sports that weren’t hockey, baseball, basketball or football. You might not be aware of this, but it turns out that […]

A Lifestyle Choice

So: Two yams and one potato, peeled, sliced, boiled and mashed with a whole bulb of roast garlic, some butter, kosher salt and olive oil. Some quite nice young zucchini, sliced diagnonally and sauteed with, again, a little salt and olive oil. Two very nice rib-eye steaks (a little pricy, but a nice treat on […]

Personal Area Network

I’ve recently rebuilt my portable-computing setup, both because doing so has gotten ridiculously cheap, and because the world of portable electronics has changed quite a bit recently. I now roll as follows. A Nokia E51 cellphone. This is an astonishing phone, full of the various goodnesses that, I’m certain, people who live in countries with […]