February 13, 2008

Dear Immigrants, Redux

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A while ago I wrote a note to people immigrating to Canada outlining the seasonal situation here in our chilly northern clime. I have here an important addendum to that information concerning a risk that I feel you should be aware of.

While I advised you to acquire a heavy jacket for the colder parts of the winter, one that will likely have a hood, I overlooked the following: at some point in mid-winter, in your first few steps outside, somebody that you believe to be a friend will seemingly pat you on the shoulder or something of the sort and making some remark in order to distract your attention.

This is a ruse. As you put up your hood, you will find that your friend did not in fact pat you on the shoulder. Rather, they have instead put a large fistful of snow into your hood, which is now sliding down your back, inside your clothes.

Immigrants: do not fall for this.

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