February 26, 2008

Up Against The Wall, You.

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The other day the Globe & Mail had an article in it about how the market for Canadian painters was still dominated by the Group Of Seven, how their works were skewing the marketplace and how the “discerning buyer” didn’t really need to buy into that, and could find “bargains” for “as little as $60,000”.

I felt better, as I rode the subway to work, knowing that there were $60,000-dollar paintings in the world that are a bargain at that price. After I’ve won several lotteries in a row, I thought to myself, I will remember that information! And after I buy the Globe & Mail outright for the express purpose of ending the career of the jackass who wrote that article, I will ferret out this undervalued art. Those of you wondering why the nyekulturny seem to be everywhere these days might do well to write that shit down, next to a scrawled note saying “people think I’m an asshole – could this be why?”

Underline that last bit a couple of times, so that when you’re struggling to see their faces past the edges of your coarsely-fashioned blindfold and your lungs are full of that last cheap smoke, you’ll be able to remember the moment you picked which side you were on.

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