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First Impressions Continue To Matter

I hadn’t really had a chance to do a side-by-side comparison of the unboxing experience of Macs and PCs until just recently, but listen, PC manufacturers: what the hell? Have you ever taken a good hard look at the thing you’re shipping these days? It’s really hard to tell if it’s Vista that’s shitting on […]

Paint Guy Rides Again

I have two particular bits of home-ownership advice for you that aren’t exactly “hard-won”, but that at least weren’t obvious to me when we moved in and have helped us out quite a bit. The first is, in hindsight, very obvious. Now that we own a new place, we’ve been slowly putting in furniture as […]

While Quite Familiar With Me, My Wife Is Sadly Unfamiliar With Teh Intarnets.

An actual conversation, provided without comment: A – “I can show you the new compost bin I got.” M – “You’re so cute when you say that. It’s like “My pokemons, let me show you them.” A – “My what? My pokemons? Is that a euphemism for something rude?” M – “No, and it hurts […]

Because The Stakes Are So Small

Oh student politics. How I love to watch you flop about, so very noisy but so very, very ineffectual. I have so loved watching you grow up into the modern left wing of politics, dealing with issues that are profoundly important and failing spectacularly to accomplish anything whatsoever. It is so much more important that […]

The Picto Box Side Quest

As you might see below, I now take pictures of stuff. I’m going on a trip in a few weeks, so I decided that now is as good a time as any to gear up and buy a decent camera and after I did a little research, got what has proven to be extremely good […]

Ryerson At Night

Rain Pictures

A Brief Note About Politics

On the off chance you might have missed it, Barack Obama gave one of the finest political speeches of modern history recently. You should read it, I think.

“The Final Solution To The Unhappiness Problem”

I don’t know what elementary school is like these days, but my memories of it are mostly of protracted bouts of boredom interspersed with occasional bouts of what adults always referred to as getting in trouble, which I usually referred to as “fun”. Adults never seemed to be getting into much trouble or having much […]

The Rocket