While Quite Familiar With Me, My Wife Is Sadly Unfamiliar With Teh Intarnets.

An actual conversation, provided without comment:

A – “I can show you the new compost bin I got.”

M – “You’re so cute when you say that. It’s like “My pokemons, let me show you them.

A – “My what? My pokemons? Is that a euphemism for something rude?”

M – “No, and it hurts me that you would think that.”

A – “Oh, I thought you were talking about showing me your testicles or something.”

M – “You thought ‘pokemons’ was a euphemism for ‘testicles’?”

A – “You’re not going to blog this, are you?”

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  1. Quotation

    Would she read the internet if you printed it out for her?

  2. mhoye

    I don’t believe so! Perhaps if I got a tattoo…

  3. Quotation

    If you would be so kind as to provide a fax number, I believe I could subscribe it to a lolcat rss feed.

    It could be the gateway for the drug.

  4. Oren

    which raises an interesting question. can somebody really learn everything there is to know about the internet though lolcats?

  5. Mark

    ‘show me yer pokemons’…right up there w ‘give me yer tp’
    I laughed so hard, you rat bastard.