March 11, 2008

Stop It, Brain

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I don’t get injections very often but I’m going travelling in a while, so it’s about time to get me some immunizing.

Hep A and B, one needle, no problem. Routine, totally standard stuff in this modern world, as miraculous as that banality is. I go to some office somewhere, a woman in a lab coat jabs me with a pointy thing, and in a few days I can travel the world completely confident that I won’t shit myself to death in some unsanitary foreign water-closet. Sold!

Seems like a fair trade, but I tell you this: you know what you don’t want to see on the shelf when you’re sitting there waiting for your medicinal jabbing?

A well-worn copy of “The Last Temptation Of Christ”, that’s what.

I was doing fine until I saw that next to the alcohol swabs. And then the lizard things in the corners of my brain start rattling their cages and my psychotic internal monologue starts muttering about religious-bodymod fetish-zealots, syringes full of anaesthetic and dumbell-piercings right through my wrists. I stared at it, on the verge of jibbering, for a very long five minutes. What do I do? Panic? Run? Wait it out? Should I stick around and hope for the best? Stick around and hope for the worst just to see what happens?

The thing that really hurts me about all this is that in the end I wound up getting one harmless shot from one harmless-looking person, a bandaid and sent on my way.

It was such a disappointment.

March 10, 2008

Near Sundown

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March 3, 2008

The Year Of Linux On The Desktop Continues Apace.

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I can’t figure out how to make my computer print a PDF out in landscape.

Every time I click the “landscape” options, no matter where they are, it prints out the left three quarters of the page, centered vertically, in portrait.

Honestly, fuck this.

March 2, 2008


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I used to have a thing called snapshot, but I think that now I’m going to put the interesting stuff on flickr.

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