Monthly Archives: April 2008

Two Futures

I was in Tsukiji and Akihabara yesterday, and I found the future. One possible future, at any rate. I didn’t find it where I expected to, so I’m going to let it rattle around in my head for a few days before I tell you about it. I’m typing this on the Shinkansen, the bullet […]

A Clear And Present Danger

On my first morning here, I rummaged through my luggage and discovered two things: A note saying our luggage had been searched by the Department of Homeland Security, and No socks. One of two things may have happened here. The first is mere absentmindedness and coincidence, and the second is that the American national security […]

The Story So Far

By The Dock Of The Bay

We’ve just taken off on the second leg of our trip, the 10 hour flight to Narita International, which I have accidentally called “Naruto International” at least twice so far. We’ll be landing at about two thirty in the afternoon, and I’ll have had two hours sleep in the last forty at that point, so […]

To Air

We had a bit of an awkward start this morning, when our cab driver got lost on the way to the airport. Lost in several tiny little increments, it’s worth mentioning – I could see the airport from where we ended up, so strictly speaking we weren’t actually lost, but we did end up on […]

Goin’ Out West

It’s midnight, here. In three and a half hours I’ll wake up, and six hours after that I’ll be in San Francisco for a three hour layover. Six hours later,  and I’ll have just passed the halfway mark over the pacific on my way to Narita International. Oddly, this is the first time I’ve travelled […]

Going The Distance

If God had meant for man to fly, I always say, He would have given him metallurgy, aerodynamics, radio electronics, mechanical engineering, climatology and petroleum chemistry. So, yo, I’m going to Japan and Hong Kong in a few days. Anybody want anything?

It Is Called The Big Smoke

Regarding Sultry

The Spores “Yum Yum” might be the sexiest song I’ve heard since Massive Attack’s “Dissolved Girl“. However, you may inform me of competing candidates in the comments.

Revenge Of Son Of Bride Of Lolwut

A conversation from around the house: M – “Can I start calling you ‘bride of lolwut’?” A – “What?” M – “Can I start calling you ‘bride of lolwut’?” A – “What does that mean?” M – “Bride, and then lolwut. Bride of lolwut.” A – “What is lolwut?” M – “You know, lol. And […]