Regarding Sultry

The Spores “Yum Yum” might be the sexiest song I’ve heard since Massive Attack’s “Dissolved Girl“. However, you may inform me of competing candidates in the comments.

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  1. Skwid

    “Feeling Love” by Paula Cole

    Hard to top, in my book.

  2. John

    Oh, come on, no links?

    This is am usic discussion! Hit me up with some downloadable content, man!

  3. Leigh

    Damn, Skwid beat me to it.

    Seriously, if that song doesn’t turn you on at least a little, you’re probably clinically dead.

  4. mark

    Eden by Hooverphonics.

  5. mark

    Oh, and, if you like ‘yum yum’, have you seen Babette’s Feast?