April 26, 2008

By The Dock Of The Bay

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We’ve just taken off on the second leg of our trip, the 10 hour flight to Narita International, which I have accidentally called “Naruto International” at least twice so far. We’ll be landing at about two thirty in the afternoon, and I’ll have had two hours sleep in the last forty at that point, so it should be good times.

My very brief stay in San Francisco’s airport was a flurry of marginal weirdness – I didn”t work in the time difference between there and YYZ, so we only ended up there for about 45 minutes. Snack, bathroom, go. Is there a law that says that airports need to be completely, pervasively uninteresting? I suspect yes.

I noted, for future how-not-to reference, how many times the voice on the PA asked people to help them “identify suspicious behavior” and “be on the lookout”. Be on the lookout for what, exactly? If I’m anywhere close to being an “average” traveler, then the average traveler spends about five hours a year in airports. What’s normal, in an airport? I have no idea, and I bet that not one in a thousand people hearing that message does. If there were some widely accepted convention that all villains were required to dress and act like villains, have vaguely abrasive, foreign and somehow anonymous accents, aquiline features and waxed moustaches this might all make some sense but, yo, it ain’t like that.

Though, I’ve got to tell you, the idea of seeing Bomb Voyage led past muttering “Zut! Foil-ed again!” while I’m waiting to board has a certain appeal.

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