Monthly Archives: May 2008

The Last Of Japan

These are the last few pictures of Japan that I thought were show-to-other-people good, mostly from Nara. It’s difficult to believe that not only is this building entirely handmade, but it’s all interlocking, no-nails and all-manual-labor construction. This thing houses the huge buddha I put up earlier, which it itself about three stories tall. The […]

Should I Make An Internets

Today’s dear-sir-you-won-the-internet quote is: “That’s a great idea! Should I make an internets?” Yes. Yes, you should definitely make an internets.

Exchange Server Not Available, or “Did You Reboot?”

Update: Found a much, much better solution. If you’re looking for the correct fix for this problem, go here. This is a technical note, mostly to get this into Google, and will be profoundly uninteresting to anybody who doesn’t have to slay the Exchange 2007 hydra. Let me begin, then, in the traditional manner of […]

Wandering Around Tokyo

It was pretty grey on our last few days there, but you don’t get to pick the weather. You only get to pick what you wear, and I, frankly, look good. Getting around Japan is surprisingly easy for a tourist, or an english-speaking tourist at least; there are enough translated-to-english maps around and even the […]

The Road Back To Tokyo

We took the Shinkansen from Kyoto back to Tokyo and it’s fast, it’s OMG fast. The line going the opposite direction passes you on rails six feet away and so quickly, just a rush of air, one heartbeat and gone, a quarter-mile of train snapping away like a rubber band. It’s basically impossible to take […]


We’re home. No disrespect to our gracious hosts but two weeks away is slightly more than plenty, it turns out. I’m well behind on my blogging, of course, and have to sort through several thousand pictures to figure out which ones are worthwhile, but the last few days in Japan and a week in Hong […]

Akihabara: Fail

Context, because it is all about context. First, a bit of short reading: The Grim Meathook Future, a phrase coined by Joshua Ellis. The upshot of all of this is that the Future gets divided; the cute, insulated future that Joi Ito and Cory Doctorow and you and I inhabit, and the grim meathook future […]

I’ve Got A Fever

… and the only prescription is more temple. Apropos of nothing, I was a little surprised by how much Japanese produce I recognized strictly from Mario powerups, though I couldn’t find a place that served a decent radish, mushroom and fire-flower salad.

More Kyoto Temples.

You’ll be getting more in this vein for the next few days; Kyoto is to beautiful centuries-old Buddhist temples as Seattle is to Starbucks. They’re everywhere. Apparently it is considered to be in extremely poor taste to photograph graves and gravestones. I’m not sure why, but I put forward the argument that since cameras steal […]

First Impressions of Kyoto

I am only just now restored to connectivity, which means that I will be playing catchup for the next two weeks and for which I humbly apologize. I am in Hong Kong right now; I’ve finally found a good SD/USB widget, so this borrowed PC that I’m working on will now deign to let me […]