May 26, 2008

The Last Of Japan

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These are the last few pictures of Japan that I thought were show-to-other-people good, mostly from Nara.

The Rail Line To Nara

The huge temple at Nara

It’s difficult to believe that not only is this building entirely handmade, but it’s all interlocking, no-nails and all-manual-labor construction. This thing houses the huge buddha I put up earlier, which it itself about three stories tall. The whole building is six or so? Craziness.

Insert Your Coins, Human

The deer at Nara have pretty much got everything except about this source of food worked out except for the opposable thumbs and fine-motor skills, which they delegate effectively by looking at you with big deer eyes.


I saw this girl hopping from one side of a rain gutter to another on a long path bordered by these mossy stone monuments and that white outfit just jumped out of that background at me, so I went looking for the line the shot wanted. And I found it, I think.

Traditional Attire

This is the best shot of a set taken over the course of about forty seconds; I really choked on that set, too, which makes me really sad.

While we were at Nara, one of the things I saw a fair bit of was traditional garb, presumably because we were there during Golden Week. A not-small number of women were meticulously wrapped in some very beatiful kimonos, carefully made up and walking tourist’s paths with the small, elegant steps that are all a kimono allows. I absolutely love the combination of domesticated deer, the traditional outfits and digital cameras in these shots. The only other picture that came close to being usable was shot between these two ladies towards the deer, but it was a little out of focus and had a truck in the background – you can see it slowly rolling into screwing-up-my-shot range on the right, there. It pains me, because the shot I really wanted was about four feet to my right at the exact moment took this one.

Yes, These Are Japanese Schoolgirls

That this was entirely involuntary is the story I plan to stick to – one of them asked me to take their picture, possibly because of my chiselled visage and suave demeanor, but more likely because I was standing nearby with a camera. I said yes, being nothing if not accomodating, and then the other five immediately asked if I could possibly find it in me to take more pictures with the rest of their cameras, too, and they were nice enough to play along and let me take one for me while I was at it.

Thanks to the magic of tags, this picture has been seen approximately fifty times more than anything else in my photostream. Way to stay in character, internets.

In the background, as always, patient wife is patient.

Near The Enormous Steel Ball

Finally, taken just outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, this picture is more interesting than anything I saw in the actual museum.


  1. Wanted to note that I enjoyed all and loved many of the pictures you posted of that trip. You are good with a camera. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Zeynep — May 27, 2008 @ 10:40 am

  2. Hey, thanks!

    Comment by Mike Hoye — May 27, 2008 @ 4:33 pm

  3. hey mike,

    that last picture is phenomenal! i’m nabbing it for my desktop background :) thanks for sharing indeed.

    Comment by kaitlin — June 5, 2008 @ 11:09 pm

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