Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Ongoing Digital-Backwater Problem

One of my americanski friends recently noticed that there’s no such thing as an unlimited data plan in Canada, and observed that this is insane. He’s right, it is, but he might not be aware of just how insane it is. So I made a chart. There have been a couple of data plans described […]

Domestic Policy

I’ve just spent an absurd amount of money on a vacuum, but with a little bit of luck it will be the last time I’ll need to do that for the next fifteen or twenty years. The crappy Dirt Devil thing we bought two years ago finally decided to die, at the end of a […]


I encourage you to listen to Tettix’ “Technology Crisis”‘ while you are reading Dresden Codak‘s Hob storyline, but even if you can’t do them simultaneously, they’re both worth doing.

Garage Permits: The Saga Continues

So, remember how a tree fell on my garage? Yeah, about that: Councillor Davis, We are writing to you today to express our disappointment and frustration with an ongoing permit issue we have had, and our interactions with City Hall. We are new home owners in the East York area; we have lived here for […]

Properly Handled, Vegetables Can Also Be Food

So, I’m sure that a billion other people (or whatever the total population of the Indian subcontinent is these days) have already figured this one out, but I just made it up last night, and “discovered independently” sounds so much more dashing and adventurous than “reinvented the wheel”, doesn’t it? Tally ho! Cut an eggplant […]

The Short Walk Home

I still haven’t sorted out my next Hong Kong set, but as a token apology here’s my walk home from the subway at night. These aren’t HDR-treated or even retouched; one of the many reasons I love this camera is that this is what comes out of it from the default settings.

The Song Of Time

I’m told I get more like my Dad all the time, so let me tell you this story in the traditional manner of my family – through a bizarre, protracted, narrative spiral that, at length, slowly and anecdotally converges on the point. We have long understood in my family that ideas are dangerous, especially when […]

Some Friendly Technomercantile Guidance

This is in response to a question sent to me on the Facebook, by somebody who accidentally put a boot through their Macbook’s screen and now has Best Buy trying to extort them for repairs to the tune of about nine hundred dollars. My friend thinks that this is ridiculous, which is true, and that […]

Two Less Eyeballs

Following a path trod by Wired Magazine and many before and since, BoingBoing used to be worth reading and now is not. In the spirit of the long tail its collective authorship have been jumping an exponentially increasing number of ever-tinier sharks for some time now, I know. But as a longtime reader I would […]


A one-off from Hong Kong, as I sort through the rest. It’s impressive, to see a building wrapped entirely in heavy tarp and lashed bamboo for repairs (bamboo and ties being all that they use, as far as I can tell, for scaffolding of any kind) but the signage is not always what it could […]