July 23, 2008

A Second Attempt At Retrocinema

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So, the weather didn’t cooperate last week, and it doesn’t look great for this week. Apparently Toronto is where Vancouver people spend summer, or something. And in completely unrelated news, everything with the environment is fine.

But we’re going to make a second attempt anyway. Screw you, climate.

This Saturday night, weather permitting (and in all likelihood, we’ll just move the whole show inside again if that bit fails) we’ll be doing some more drive-in theater. But not a scifi theme this time, barring some outcry from a prospective audience. I’ve got more of an Early Hitchcock feeling about this one, but we’ll see what happens. The only guarantees are that it will be black and white and starting around eight thirty, and that popcorn will be provided.

As usual, or at least as usual as things get for something that’s happened once in a row, let me know if you’re coming!

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