Monthly Archives: August 2008

A Correction

A little while ago, I asserted that my house was insulated with wool. That was only partially correct. It turns out that my house has actually been insulated with whatever scrap biomass was to hand at the time. I regret the error. Boy, do I ever regret the error. UPDATE: A correction to the correction: […]

That’s The Ticket

Exhibit 1: The McCain/Palin campaign slogan: “The Ticket For America”. Exhibit 2: The Pathological Liar character created by John Lovitz, who according to Wikipedia appeared “on Weekend Update segments – and other sketches – to share his farcical views. […] he would tell outrageous whoppers in an effort to make himself seem important (such as […]

A Case In Point

It’s the Jawbone headset that makes the look, I think. I can’t stand dealing with people who wear cell headsets all the time. What is going through your mind, Headset Wearer? Are you trying to give the world the impression that you’re such a player that somebody might call you at any moment with crucial […]

The Grim Meathook Social Scene

I just got some junk mail (the old paper kind, how retro!) that came in an envelope advertising a “Free Gas Card” and containing an invitation to join some matchmaking/dating thing. Apparently defraying the cost of gas is now considered a stronger incentive than a healthy relationship or the prospect of sex. FYI: We’re all […]

Formative Moments In Systems Administration

Swear to god: 11:13 < mhoye > I just answered a call from somebody who claimed that they could not do their job because their hyphens were not long enough. 11:14 < gnomon > Um. 11:15 < coop > there should be a telethon or something If you’re ever wondering why sysadmins seem cranky and […]

I Play A Development Card

So: taking down old plaster-and-lathe walls with a circular saw, because we’re re-insulating and re-walling a room. Pro: faaaast. Con: Insane dust everywhere. I wear a respirator, obviously, but you have to seal the room or you get a layer of chalk dust on every single flat surface in the house. Annoying! So, listen: for […]

An Interactive Adventure

You are in a room. It is cool and brightly lit. There is a phone here. There are many machines here, with green lights. They are humming. There is one machine here with a red light. The red light is blinking. It is making no sound. > look at machine The machine has a red […]

And An Ominous Portent For Dessert

My wife and I went out for dinner at the Danforth Dragon who, somewhat silly website aside, make very good and interesting food. They would have my unqualified endorsement if it weren’t for the fact that, to wrap up the meal, they gave my wife a fortune cookie with not one but two fortunes in […]

Guy Vs. Guy

Like alcoholism and pyromania, in moderation paranoia can be a lot of fun. So if you’re interested in making your commute just a little bit surreal or add a certain cold war East-Berlin-chic to your next get together, I have quite a treat for you. Numbers Stations are shortwave radio stations that transmit seemingly-random sets […]

A False Ergonomy

So, it’s clear that posture is important, and repetitive stress is good to avoid and so forth but people, listen up: “ergonomic” products come in exactly two varieties. They are: Very expensive, and Totally ineffectual Whether it’s keyboards, mice, office furniture, whatever, this rule applies. Either you’re buying something flexible enough that you can customize […]