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Telephone Pole

I just got some junk mail (the old paper kind, how retro!) that came in an envelope advertising a “Free Gas Card” and containing an invitation to join some matchmaking/dating thing. Apparently defraying the cost of gas is now considered a stronger incentive than a healthy relationship or the prospect of sex.

FYI: We’re all doomed.

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  1. Mike Kozlowski

    Well, they have to seed the dating pool with some high-quality specimens, right?

    So probably the mail was mis-addressed.

  2. mhoye

    “There are at least four things wrong with this sentence.”

  3. Quotation

    I got a personal call from a matchmaking service not too long ago.

    She offered me 12 blind dates over the course of the next year, for the low price of $5500.

    Apparently, her stable is full of fillies, and I passed up a great opportunity.