August 29, 2008

A Case In Point

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It’s the Jawbone headset that makes the look, I think.

I can’t stand dealing with people who wear cell headsets all the time.

What is going through your mind, Headset Wearer? Are you trying to give the world the impression that you’re such a player that somebody might call you at any moment with crucial information about the deal? Are all your friends doing it? Because all I see is that there is not a single person in the world you would not interrupt our conversation to talk to instead. Your wife, the Pope, a telemarketer or some hobo drunk-dialing you after half a bottle of Scope: whoever it is, you’ll take that call and expect me to wait while you mumble into your fashion accessory. And fuck you too, frankly. At least cells have call display.

Everything’s a tradeoff, though. On the upside now that those things are the standard plumage of the pompous, self-important asshole, you can spot them reliably from half a block away and start planning your escape long before they get into miasma-of-cologne-and-greasy-handshake range. So there is that.

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