August 30, 2008

That’s The Ticket

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Exhibit 1: The McCain/Palin campaign slogan: “The Ticket For America”.

Exhibit 2: The Pathological Liar character created by John Lovitz, who according to Wikipedia appeared “on Weekend Update segments – and other sketches – to share his farcical views. […] he would tell outrageous whoppers in an effort to make himself seem important (such as his claim that he invented Rock and Roll). One recurring lie was claiming he was married to Morgan Fairchild. His devious look, hand rubbing and nervous speech made it clear he was making up lies, one after the other, on the spot. And if he came up with a particularly good lie he would add the catchphrase: “Yeahhh! That’s the ticket!””

Somewhere in the world there’s a PR consultant whose expensive suit, rimless glasses and carefully manicured hair have successfully hidden the fact that he’s not one of them, and he’s laughing himself to sleep every night at the snowjob he’s been selling the presumptive Republican nominee. Did he have a hand in the choice of the prospective VP? As we all watch the “McCain Chooses Younger Rich Woman, Again” stories build up a good head of steam, one can only hope so.

McCain/Palin: That’s The Ticket.

Whoever you are, Mr. Deep Cover Progressive Public Relations Consultant: Godspeed, sir. I salute you.

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