August 9, 2008


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I’ll be involved in two of the talks at the Free Software and Open Source Symposium at Seneca this year. I’m giving a presentation on making movies with Ubuntu Studio, the sound and video editor’s variant of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, and I’m organizing a set of Pecha Kucha presentations as well.

The cool thing about the PK (20×20) format is that presenters don’t control the pace of their slides. The clock starts, and your twenty slides are on the screen for twenty seconds each. Six minutes and forty seconds later you’re done. Even if you’ve got just one, tiny little extra thing to say, even if you’ve just spent the last four hundred seconds telling the greatest knock-knock joke in the history of western civilization and you’re almost at the punchline, you’re done, hard stop. At six minutes and thirty seconds, a cartoonishly long shepherd’s crook emerges menacingly from stage left, threatening to yank you unceremoniously offstage; as the four hundred and first second ticks past you are seized, with the speed of a cobra, your eyes bulge briefly out as you are bent double and snatched from the scene. Your detached collar will be all that remains. It will spin, empty, in midair before it drops to the ground.

Well, maybe not that last bit. But if you’ve got some free or open source software to show off or just something cool (about free software!) that you think the would should see, and you’re ready to deal with that format, we’re soliciting presentations. If you’re interested, send me an e-mail. If you happen to own a very large wooden hook, that would also be helpful.

August 4, 2008

Less Thinking, More Ultimate

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Bricks With Moss

Dear other team that we put the boots to, I would like to say that the putting of said boots did not strictly need to be a part of reminding me of my long lost love of this sport, but it sure didn’t hurt. Your efforts wrapped our victory in bacon, and it was delicious.

Bad ultimate is really soul-hurtingly bad, and I played a lot of weeks of that in a row before I stopped last year. But, god, the good is so good. I’ve missed the good ultimate so much.

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