Monthly Archives: September 2008

Improv Armageddon

Here’s an idea I just had put to me, and it’s a great one. You know those Improv Everywhere people, who brought you Frozen Grand Central and the army of blue-shirt-clad Best Buy non-employees?. They need to get together somewhere in downtown Manhattan and stage a bank run. That’s all.

American Psychodrama

A while ago, this fellow put together the shower scenes from the classic and remade versions of Psycho with one transparently overlaid on the other, so you could see the ostensible differences between the two. If one of you could take it upon yourselves to do the same thing for Sarah Palin’s appearance on Katie […]

I’m Sorry, Are You From The Past?

This is a pretty classic little vignette: a Microsoft senior typography researcher decides that he’s going to create some standards-compliant web pages, so he asks his colleague the “Platform Architect of the Internet Explorer Platform team” what application he should use to create them. And the answer was “Notepad”. The results are predictably horrifying and […]

I Do Not Believe We Will Get Eddie Van Halen Until We Have A Triumphant Video

(rhythmbox:2688): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_date_new_julian: assertion `g_date_valid_julian (j)’ failed Man, if I’m ever trying to update my iPod before 1582 I bet that bad metadata will be a serious problem. Good thing we took the time to solve that problem now. Way to dodge that bullet, linux!

Would The Next Motorola Please Stand Up

… in which I am defensive and somewhat sentimental. So, Palm’s “Treo Pro” came out today. It’s got a square 320×320 screen, it runs… well, windows-mobile-something and… Jeebus. A little while ago in another forum I was chided as follows: Also, I would like to say “NEENER NEENER” to one Mike Hoye. Because five years […]

Small Doses

If like most of my ostensible friends you can only tolerate me in small doses, I’m using twitter to decant the occasional psychosis from the somewhat less well-managed corners of my brain. If you would like those things decanted right back into your own, there they are.

When Easily-Spooked Animals Attack

Nature holds some sort of grudge against my wife, it would seem, and delegates these little indignities to its squirrely minions to inflict. I get to occasionally come to the rescue, which would make me feel slightly more noble and courageous if all the things she needs to be rescued from weren’t smaller than your […]

Reflected In The Machine

One of my favorite things about modern web browsers are Google’s autocompletion suggestions. You could be looking for almost anything, and in its attempt to be helpful the browser will give you this tiny little snapshot of the human condition, a little window into whatever corner of the zeitgeist starts with that particular alphanumeric sequence. […]

Show Me On The Doll Where The Bad Telco Touched You

FYI: Nortel’s “Callpilot” product has been pencilled in just under “Symantec Corporate Antivirus”, “Windows Millennium” and “e-Machines” on a list titled “If my employer buys this, I quit.” Thank you for your attention in this matter, please go about your business.