September 4, 2008

Reflected In The Machine

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One of my favorite things about modern web browsers are Google’s autocompletion suggestions. You could be looking for almost anything, and in its attempt to be helpful the browser will give you this tiny little snapshot of the human condition, a little window into whatever corner of the zeitgeist starts with that particular alphanumeric sequence.

Anyhow, I was looking for a thing I saw a while back on tips for screen printing shirts, and started typing “tips for making tshirts”. By the time I got to “tips for”, Google suggested:

  • getting pregnant
  • interview
  • girls
  • losing weight
  • running
  • saving money
  • interviews
  • moving
  • better sex

These things are apparently weighted, so those of you having trouble finding qualified candidates will doubtless have your suspicions confirmed by the fact that “tips for interview” trumps “tips for interviews”, but I’m a little surprised that “getting pregnant” is at the top of the list. I’m not surprised at all that “moving” made the cut though, because anything that makes that a less heinous experience is gold.

“Tips for making” came out a little more predictably, but veers sharply off near the end in a way that gives me hope for humanity:

  • out
  • love
  • money
  • friends
  • hair grow
  • your hair grow
  • a resume
  • a website
  • bread
  • scones

As I’ve been finding out lately is typical of these things, you could probably have guessed the top contenders. The most interesting bits are near the middle and bottom of these lists.

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