Monthly Archives: October 2008

Walking Away

Apostasy has never been so shiny. At FSOSS on Friday, I got to see John “Maddog” Hall compare the OpenMoko phone he was advocating to the old Nokia he had clipped to his belt; he was enthusiastic that he could fit an entire Debian distribution on the 8Gb MicroSD card, and answered my question about […]

Epix Fail

After spending quite a bit of time and hard effort putting together a presentation on video editing and multimedia production with free software, today I stood up in front of a room full of people and told them that my laptop was refusing to send a VGA signal to the projector, and that I would […]


Get out there and vote today, fellow citizens. Whatever you believe, whoever you vote for: it matters. Your participation matters. And believe me, if you couldn’t, you’d want to.

The Hoedown Throwdown Showdown

After a relatively crappy day, I got off the subway, and there’s a couple of buskers playing a fiddle and a banjo at the station. And they’re really going at it, playing the hell out of those things, and I can’t figure out why ’til I get up close. The answer turns out to be […]

Winmodem Redux

Another technical note about Exchange 2007, of interest only to Google and Google-directed posterity. EHLO, world. An update: A while ago, I mentioned this problem: The problem is that an Outlook user can’t connect to the exchange server, and the extraordinarily useful error message says “Exchange server not available”. But it won’t tell you why […]

One In A Row

It’s not my finest work, I think, but at a friend’s behest I wrote a technology column for a new Toronto area webzine thing, the first of what is presumed to be a monthly occurrence. It’s about technology and not blowing people up. I thought I’d tell you about it, since I’m nothing if not […]

Hoye On Homes

So, I didn’t take pictures of this while I was doing the work because I was too angry, but I really should have. Let me instead create a picture in your mind with words, that it may amuse you as much as it did me. A little while ago we had our bathroom redone, and […]

OK World, Roll Tape

If you’re not a camera nerd you might not have seen this quite cool short film shot in HD using only the recently-released Canon 5D Mk II, but you should, because it’s a pretty neat short filmed with a pretty impressive and almost-affordable piece of technology. But that’s not what I wanted to mention, really. […]