Monthly Archives: November 2008

Some Healthy Competition

Global Readership and Devoted Cult Following: Your task for this week is to win the internets. You are in competition with each other. One winner will be chosen seven days from now. For full marks, show your work. Go.

The Plural Of Anecdote Is Experience

(Updated below.) This might be preaching to the choir, but if it isn’t, new converts are always welcome. When people think “Hoye”, as many of you know, they think “safety”. Yesterday a conversation I was having with a contractor turned to things you shouldn’t do, and the consequences thereof, and these guys had some impressive […]

Graph Theory

On the X axis are days of the week, and on the Y are the search results for “easy like $DAY morning”. If this doesn’t convince you of the pernicious influence that Lionel Richie has had on the relative ease of our days, I don’t know what will. Note the shocking decline of Monday morning […]

Doom, Ongoing

Some grim reading that I found fascinating, no particular order: From Crooked Timber some time ago, “Is there a general skill of Management?” The first line is “Synopsis: Yes.” Peter Klauser’s Principles of the American Cargo Cult. From the Naval War College Review, autumn 2003: Feral Cities – The New Strategic Environment by Richard J. […]

Inventory Mandatory

I stumbled across Asobi Seksu recently, and I’ve been listening to them pretty much nonstop this week. It’s great, like listening to some aspiring Sad-Girl-in-Snow-type j-popper singing along while Muse is rehearsing in the next apartment over. “Thursday” and “New Years” are quite fine. So, it turns out that anyone who owns a Mac needs […]

Two, Four, Six, Eight

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” – Oscar Wilde So, it’s reasonably well documented that color-scheme trends (you’ve noticed how they all seem to change, in all stores, to roughly the same chroma set at roughly the same time, no?) are an entirely manufactured […]

Vision Quest

Odd that Dave should mention it while I have this half-drafted and sitting in the queue; coincidence or… evidence of vast conspiracy? Stay tuned! Dun dun dun…. Anyway: “The White Whale swam before him as the monomaniac incarnation of all those malicious agencies which some deep men feel eating in them, till they are left […]

Hello, World

In my first draft of this post, which was subsequently vetoed by an involved party, I made a number of supervillianesque claims involving ultrasonic rays, impending geological upheavals and something pleasantly contradictory about the “miracles of natural selection” which I enjoyed immensely but which did not, sadly, pass muster. Mere moments ago, however, I was […]

A Sysadmin’s Lot Is Not A Happy One

Man, if anyone ever asks you why so many sysadmins have such a hate on for Windows (and honestly, who doesn’t want to have an answer ready for a question like that?) one of the reasons you can give them is that having to patch a whole dependency-tree full of various stuff is just a […]