Graph Theory

On the X axis are days of the week, and on the Y are the search results for “easy like $DAY morning”. If this doesn’t convince you of the pernicious influence that Lionel Richie has had on the relative ease of our days, I don’t know what will. Note the shocking decline of Monday morning ease, relative to the previous day.


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    for i in Sun Mon Tues Wednes Thurs Fri Satur; do wget -qO- -U “certainly nothing automatic, no sir, not here” “\”easy+like+${i}day+morning\”” | awk -v “p=$i” ‘match($0,/Results [0-9]+ – [0-9]+ of about [0-9,]+/){r=substr($0,RSTART,RLENGTH);sub(/.*/,””,r);sub(/.*/,””,r);printf “%-10s: %s\n”,p”day”,r;exit}’ ; done

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    Hm. That didn’t work out exactly as planned.

  3. mhoye
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