Monthly Archives: December 2008

News From A Hypothetical Future Depp

As a followup to a previous year’s Best Movie Souvenir Idea Ever, that being the wookieskin rug, I would like to present the Best Movie-Mashup Quote Ever: “Are you a repli-can, or a replic-can’t?” Don’t say I’ve never done anything for you, internets.


I’ll be in Ottawa from the 26th to sometime on the 29th, but I will not neglect you, internets. You should not believe for a moment that we have fallen out of love. Understand, though, that when a man is far from home pimpin’ is doubly not-easy, even though it is likewise doubly necessary. In […]

The Litmus Of Nerd Cool

You might not know this list, but since I’m a nerd and I worked at TV Ontario for a while, a more than a few fellow nerds asked me if I could look into it and see what I could do about that name at the bottom. It took some doing, but I’ve found her. […]

Insert Coin To Continue

I’ve finally finished Lock’s Quest, which is pretty good news (spoilers ahoy!) and just in time for the annual winter humbug festival; it’s a great game, a few inexplicable bits aside, but after a while there the stylus-driven interface was just destroying my wrists. By the end of it, I’d play for five minutes, wait […]

But Sometimes That Just Ain’t Enough To Keep A Man Like Me Interested

So, the symptoms of today’s problem are a wierd mess of COM+, DCOM, certificate and domain-related errors including, but not limited to: Kerberos problems (EventID: 7) Logon problems (Event ID: 1054) COM/DCOM problems (EventID: 10016) DNS/Socket problems (EventID: 11004) Occasional LSASS/Socket problems (EventID: 10107) A collection of certificate autoenrollment errors (EventID: 15) And, I’m sure, […]

Official: Snowmageddon!

Awesome. From a weather warning from Environment Canada: ..Could this be snow-mageddon?.. Environment Canada is generally not prone to exaggeration unless there is deemed to be a real threat. We evaluate weather information and prediction models in a measured, scientific manner and couple that with overall impacts for significant events. I love it. We’re not […]

All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Sudo

“In other words, the feature is missing to remove the temptation to use the feature insecurely.” That’s Raymond Chen back in 2004, explaining why you can’t use runas in a batch file. “This was a conscious decision. If it were possible to pass the password on the command line, people would start embedding passwords into […]

I Am Jack’s Complete Lack Of Surprise

“I’m a recall coordinator. My job is to apply the formula.“ There’s a major vulnerability in Internet Explorer making the rounds right now. Their proposed “workarounds” to the problem are more than a little farcical so your best bet, as always, is to stop using it completely; if you haven’t made the switch to Firefox […]

The Singularity Wedge

You may have heard in the past that it is difficult or impossible for science fiction to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change; however, that information is now outdated, and has been superceded. It is now difficult or impossible for animé to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. Thank […]

Baby Needs Powerups

Everyone remembers the carseat, but how many parents think to get a their kid an extra life? Not many, I’ll wager! I was going to get a fire flower too, but I think that can wait until they’re a little older. If that’s not responsible parenting, I don’t know what is.